The Rumour 2 (23% – 29%)



I didn’t understand who these Russian women working for Eddie were. Now I know that they are his cleaners, and they jump at the chance of making good money even if that means sleeping with strange men. The night that Eddie is to arrange everything, he is nervous and apprehensive. His client, Roland, is a sleazebag, and even though Eddie knows he shouldn’t get entangled in this matter, he can’t say no to easy money because he has many debts. That night he becomes anxious when he goes to the store and runs into the chief, who is Ed Kapenash, one of the main characters in “The Castaways” and has also shown up in some other novels. Eddie is rattled after the encounter, and he decides to call his sister Barbie, who is his partner in the business and calms him down. So he finally meets Roland, who even offers him a line of cocaine, which Eddie declines, and they settle the transaction. I am curious where this is going and whether Eddie will be found out.

His daughter Hope is at home while her twin sister has gone out with her friends. Then she gets a text from Allegra, asking her to pick her up from Calgary’s house. Calgary dated Hope for a few months; he was thoughtful and seemed to like her a lot. Hope even thought that she was starting to fall for him, and when she agreed to sleep together, he was strangely rough with her and then in the middle of the deed, he stopped, telling her that they were through and he planned to take another girl to the Christmas party. From that moment Hope feels deep dislike for Calgary, and now that her sister asks her to pick her up from his house, Hope refuses. However, when Allegra keeps begging and saying please, which is something that Allegra never does, she relents.

When she gets to the house, she toots the horn, and instead of Allegra, the one who comes out of the house is Brick. He is drunk and tells her that he couldn’t stand being with Allegra in the same house as she was fussing over Ian Coburn. So Brick saw Allegra’s phone left on a table and decided to text Hope. Now he asks Hope if she knows what is going on between her sister and Ian, and Hope denies knowing anything, which is untrue. I don’t know if what Hope is doing is right, but it is a difficult position. It is obvious that she doesn’t feel loyal to Allegra, who treats her unkindly, but I guess that she wants Brick and Allegra to break up without her intervention. I don’t know what Brick feels for Hope, but he considers her a friend, so if he finds out that she knew about Allegra and Ian,  he might not appreciate her keeping the truth from him.


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