The Duchess’ Tattoo by Daisy Goodwin


Publishing year: 2011



This is a short story about Cora visiting a tattooist. She has seen the snake tattooed around her mother-in-law’s wrist, and she wants one. The poor Duchess doesn’t know the meaning of the tattoo, which refers to all of the Prince of Wales’s mistresses. The tattooist refuses to make the tattoo, and Cora gets upset. She had bought a diamond bracelet to cover the tattoo, and she wears it at a dinner, causing the guests to wonder. Ivo also wonders, and when in the intimacy of their room Cora reveals her smooth skin, Ivo explains why her mother has the tattoo. Cora feels silly, and then she visits the tattooist to thank him for his discreet way of refusing to do something that will have made the duchess look stupid.


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