New Book – Dinner for Two by Mike Gayle (Part I)


Publishing year: 2002

This is the story of Dave Harding, who works for a music magazine, and is married to Izzy.

They have been married for two years, and Izzy has always claimed she didn’t want children, and since Dave loves her so much, he hasn’t worried as he thought that they had plenty of time.

Then one day she calls him at work and tells him that she thinks she is pregnant. After buying a pregnancy test, they go home. Izzy is scared and worried and deep down Dave is excited. The test finally confirms that she is pregnant, and she finally admits that she is happy. They are both excited and tell their families and friends. However, some weeks later Dave gets a call. Izzy has been rushed to hospital as she was complaining of terrible stomach pains. When she gets to the hospital, he is told that Izzy has had a miscarriage. The couple are devastated, but little by little they get back to the way they had been before the baby. Then Izzy tells him that she is now sure she doesn’t want to go through the same again. She doesn’t want children and get pregnant. David is supportive, but he is lying, as in his heart there is nothing he wishes for more than becoming a dad.

I imagine that there will be trouble in the future for this couple. They are so nice together, but if they want so different fundamental things, I wonder if the marriage will survive.


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