Dinner for Two 3 (Parts III – IV)



I am miffed with Dave. Why doesn’t he tell Izzy about Nicola? I know he is afraid, but the longer he leaves the matter, the more difficult it will be. She even suspects that there is something strange going on, and on the tube after visiting some friends who have been parents, they have a heart-to-heart conversation. Izzy even asks him if he is having an affair, and when he denies it, Izzy even blames herself for feeling that their marriage isn’t going as well. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Dave to talk to her about Nicola, but he still keeps quiet.

Then something happens that forces the truth out in the open. Nicola goes to a party that night, and when she gets drunk, she asks her friend to call Dave. The problem is that the girls didn’t tell their respective mothers that they were going to a party.  So Dave calls Fran, and they pick up the girls and stay at Fran’s until the next morning.

The next day Fran tells Dave that the girls were okay and she had left them in her flat. Then he gets a call from a held number. It is Caitlin, Nicola’s mum, who has discovered the truth. So Dave goes to see her. The woman is not angry or upset; she is just surprised that her daughter could keep this from her. Now that Caitlin knows, I hope Dave can tell Izzy soon. I am curious to see how she reacts. I think she won’t be upset about Nicola, but she might be entitled to get angry for Dave keeping the truth from her all these months.


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