Dinner for Two 2 (Parts II – III)



There is a turning point in Dave’s life when the magazine he works for closes, so he finds himself without a job. Then he starts doing some freelance work; first, he writes some good articles for his wife’s magazine, which is for women, and when his first article is a success, Jenny, Izzy’s friend, asks him to do some work for her magazine. The problem is that he has always teased Jenny for working for a teenage magazine. He does a two-week stint there, and he befriends one of the women, Fran. After the two weeks, Jenny has a new proposition. She wants him to be the magazine’s agony uncle and give advice to teenagers about their love lives, and even though Dave has misgivings about accepting, he finally decides to give it a go.

It is through this new job that Dave is given the shock of his life. A teenager writes a letter to him, explaining that her name is Nicola and he knows her mother Caitlin. She goes on to explain that Caitlin is the woman who he had a one-night stand with in Corfu in 1986, but what he doesn’t know is that Caitlin fell pregnant. So Nicola concludes that she is his daughter, and she finishes the letter, giving him her number.

Dave is so shocked, and even though he would have spoken to Izzy, he feels he can’t talk to her about this. After the miscarriage he thinks that Izzy wouldn’t be ready to hear about him having a love child. The person he talks to is Fran, his colleague in the magazine, and she tells him that he should be careful because the girl might not be telling the truth.

Dave calls the number and leaves a message. The next day Nicola is waiting for him, and even though they are awkward at the beginning, they start talking. Dave likes Nicola a lot, and they decide to meet regularly. What Nicola asks him is to keep their relationship a secret from her mother and Izzi so that they can get to know each other better before they have to face the music. So they start seeing each other. Dave feels guilty for lying to Izzy, but he is enjoying meeting his daughter. I am afraid that this will cause him problems, and I think he should have been honest with Izzy from the first. With all this lying Izzy might eventually get suspicious and she might even think he has a lover.



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