My Last Duchess 5 (Pages 166 – 211)



Cora and Ivo finally get married. The day before Cora had been worried that Ivo might have changed his mind about her. Shortly after he arrived in America, he went away with his friend Reggie on a hunting jaunt, and he didn’t return for the wedding rehearsal. He finally came late for the dinner, and Cora shared her worried, but he simply said that he wasn’t distant, but feeling awkward as everything in America was new for her.

I was wrong to assume that Cora only cared for Ivo’s title. She proves to really love her husband, and during their honeymoon she discovered the physical aspect of their relationship, which she loves. In England things are not so lovely as in Italy, where they honeymooned, as Ivo has responsibilities, and Cora feels she only has him at night.

During a visit to Duchess Fanny’s house, Cora meets the Prince of Wales, who finds her entertaining. On this occasion Charlotte and Odo Beauchamp are there, and Cora starts getting suspicious. She notices Charlotte’s stiff attitude towards her, and then even though Ivo and Charlotte are seated together, they barely look at or talk to each other. It is as if they avoid any contact on purpose. I wonder what kind of relationship Charlotte and Ivo have or have had. If they are lovers, it is wrong of him to string Cora along. I want to believe that Ivo loves Cora, but it is clear that there is a story with Charlotte.


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