My Last Duchess 3 (Pages 53 – 156)



Mrs Cash’s designs for her daughter come to fruition when Ivo proposes to Cora. They have only known each other for a week, and they haven’t shared much at all. So I have problems believing that this is more than a financial transaction. Ivo needs money because despite the title, he is hard-up, and Cora knows her mother wants prestige for her. I doubt that either of them is in love. Besides, I have the hunch that another reason why Ivo has asked Cora to marry him is to forget his real love, Charlotte.

A few months later when the wedding is to take place, things get complicated. Teddy, the boy who Cora wanted to kiss desperately months ago, returns home. The reason why he has left Paris before he was supposed to leave is that he heard about Cora’s wedding, and he suddenly felt very miserable. So he thought that he had a chance to stop her because he was sure she had been forced to accept this marriage.

When he is on his way back to America, at the train station he notices a man and a woman, and Teddy sees that the way this pair behaves makes his think they are lovers. On the ship he sees the man, and he learns that this is Cora’s fiancé. So this is another reason why he needs to talk to Cora.

Once he has arrived home, he goes to see Cora straightaway. When he explains the reasons why he left Paris, Cora is outraged and angered by Teddy’s assumptions that she could be willing to be a puppet at her mother’s hands. What Teddy doesn’t tell her is about what she saw at the train station. I think that the woman there was Charlotte. What I wonder is whether their relationship is platonic, or they are actually lovers.

Interesting development. I am not sure who to root for. Ivo wanting to marry Cora when he is in love with someone else is not right. And Teddy only wanting Cora only because someone else wants her is not right either. So it’s stalemate.


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