My Last Duchess 2 (Pages 41 – 53)


Cora falls off her horse as she is out hunting.

When she comes to, she is in a strange place and a man is looking at her. She discovers that she is in Lulworth, a estate house belonging to the Duke of Wareham, who is the man talking to her. The man tells her to call her Ivo, and suggests she write to her mother so that Mrs Cash can come to Lulworth to look after her daughter. Ivo and Cora don’t start off on the right foot. Cora is quite critical and judgemental of the English, and she doesn’t hide her scorn.

When Mrs Cash gets notification from her daughter, she tries to find out everything about Ivo, the Duke of Wareham. Odo Beauchamp, nephew of the man whose house Mrs Cash is staying in, tells her about Ivo being the new duke. His father died a year ago, and six months later his elder brother, which means that Ivo inherited a title he didn’t count on. We know that Ivo and Odo’s wife, Charlotte, were good friends, and I have the impression that they were more than friends, but for some reason Charlotte couldn’t marry Ivo. Odo also tells Mrs Cash that since inheriting the dukedom, Ivo hardly goes out , and he thinks it is because he is not ready for the responsibility and in a way he is neglecting the estate. Mrs Cash asks if there is a duchess, and she gets confirmation that Ivo is a bachelor, and his mother married shortly after his husband died. So there are no women in Lulworth. This information makes Mrs Cash hope that Cora might be the one to bag the young duke.


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