A Good Girl Comes Undone 5 – The End (Pages 212 – end)




The ending was what I feared. Annie and Don together. I just can’t understand the allure of the man. It is not that I don’t like him because according to Annie, he is not handsome and is fat. What I can’t stand is how arrogant, bullyish, and rude he is. And then he lies to Annie, hiding the fact that he is married, and on top of it all, he goes and buys her parents’ cottage in a weird kind of way. In the end Don explains that he and his wife haven’t lived as husband and wife for years and were in the process of separating. In any case, I don’t understand how Annie could like him.

Nick wasn’t too likeable either, but I felt sorry for him when he proposes to her and she turns him down. Nick is obviously not one to pine, and shortly afterwards Annie learns that he is dating someone. A few weeks later when Nick and Annie meet, he tells her that his new girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to try to make a go of things. At long last, he has cleaned his act and starts taking some responsibilities in life.

Apart from this, Annie’s father dies, leaving his wife and two daughters bereft. There is also a lot of going on in the office, with these women fighting for a position of power. In the end Annie is offered the position of editor. Yet, in the end she resigns as her friend David, the one working in television, makes her an offer: writing the script for a new television programme.

I found the first part of this book entertaining, but when it was clear that horrible Don was the love interest, I started to feel apathetic about the story. I got bored at the end of the novel, and skipped big chunks. All in all, it was entertaining at times, and definitely original.


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