A Good Girl Comes Undone 4 (Pages 170 – 212)



I don’t like many of the attitudes in the characters in this book. Don is a bully with very old-fashioned ideas about women. Yet, Annie seems to like him and I can’t see where the attraction is. When she is around, he is rude (that comment about her breasts at the Christmas office party was out of line), pushy and treats her like her inferior. The episode in New York could scare anyone and make you run a mile, but Annie keeps coming back to him. Why? I just hope that she doesn’t end up with him because then the book wouldn’t work for me.

Apart from Annie, the other characters have primitive prejudices. At the Christmas office party, which Annie attends with Nick, her colleagues finds his new professional direction cute. He has been working as a builder, and these people’s attitudes show that they look down on him. Why? What a bunch of bigots!!! What is wrong with being a builder? It is a decent profession, and it can be very well-paid. The problem is that Annie also thinks that being a builder is not up to her standards.

Annie’s father also shows very old-fashioned ideas, giving his daughter a speech about Nick not being the man she needs because he is not earning enough money and he is not the one who can direct the ship of their relationship. How stupid is that!!! What matters in a relationship is that two people love and respect each other. What if she is earning money and he isn’t? It is not that I like Nick’s approach because his attitude is a bit self-centred, at least, at the beginning. With his decision to work as a builder now, he is doing better.

And then Maggie, Annie’s friend, hires a Polish nanny for her children when her husband finds a job. In her words she intentionally hired a very ugly nanny so that Jake couldn’t find any reason to look at her twice. And then when the nanny stayed in Poland after Christmas because she misses her boyfriend too much, Maggie says that it is incredible that someone as ugly as her can have a boyfriend. What???? What a shallow thing to say!!!

I am outraged by these people’s attitudes. If these characters were real, I wouldn’t be friends with any of them!!! I have to say that I am not enjoying the book very much because I can’t relate with any of the characters at all. They are too shallow or stupid for my taste.


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