Hester’s Story 3 (24% – 30%)



Hester loves her time in London. She shares rooms with two other dancers, Nell and Dinah, and they become great friends. Most of the time they are working hard in their dancing, and in the little free time they have, they usually go for an ice-cream. Hester’s first opportunity comes when she is supposed to dance onstage for the same time as part of the group of ballerinas, but Nell falls ill, so Piers asks her to cover for her. Everybody congratulates at the end of her performance, and she has a nice surprise. Olga has come to see her even though in her letter Hester told her that it was a long way for her to come if she was only to dance for a little while in the group. However, Olga decided to come anyway, and as she tells Hester later, she got a very nice surprise.

Hester is gradually coming to terms with her gift. Dinah tells her that she is different, has a star quality than none of the other dancers have. We know that Hester became a star later in life, so now in her first steps we see how others were aware of her talent from the first.

When Hester is sixteen, we learn that she is worried about her personal relationships. Unlike other girls in the company, she hasn’t fallen in love and doesn’t like anybody. There is a boy, Stefan, who is sweet on her, but Hester doesn’t feel that way about him. I imagine Hester will eventually fall in love for the first time. I wonder who is the person who will sweep her off her feet. Is he the man older Hester mentions? The one who has just died in 1986?

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