Hornet Flight 7 – The End (Pages 401 – end)




The ending is quite eventful. Karen and Harald try to repair her father’s plane, and they have to steal the fuel from the tanker the Nazis have. A few weeks ago the Nazis had taken Karen’s father’s castle as a billet, and they also use part of the monastery, so it leaves Harald confined to the church, which he and Karen locked. When the plane is repaired, they plan to leave that night. Yet, Karen, who has been an understudy for a ballet in Copenhagen, is to cover one of the main ballerinas as she has come down with some stomach bug.  Harald is upset as he doesn’t understand how she can put the ballet before their cause.

While Karen is having her performance in Copenhagen, Harald gets a nasty surprise. He hears the local policeman knock at the church door, but nothing else happens. Yet, a few hours later he hears someone banging at the door, and he is quick to slip through the window before the door bursts open. Tilde is there with the policeman while Harald is hidden. Harald realises that Tilde is intelligent as she observes some of the things he has forgotten to take, so Tilde guesses that there is someone living her. Tilde tells that she is to wait for Peter Flemming, who is coming by train (He has been following Hermia), and then they will return.

When Tilde is gone, Harald thinks that it is safe to come out of his hideaway, but then the policeman Per Hansen discovers it. The two men start fighting, and Harald hits him with a spanner. Per is unconscious as Harald ties and puts it in the boot of the Rolls Royce. Now Harald realises that he has to warn Karen, so she travels to Copenhagen, where she is performing, and remembering that she has left a ticket for him. Inside the theatre, he is mesmerised by Karen’s graceful movements, but when the ballet is about to finish, the main ballet dance slips and drops Karen.

As a consequence Karen won’t be able to fly the plane, but she tells him that she can direct him when they are airborne. Take-off and the actually flight is quite eventful. The Nazis appeared when they are taking the plane out of the church, so they have to get on the plane and start it. Tilde and Flemming also show up as they are taxiing the plane, and as the plane takes off, Flemming crashes the car into the tanker, which causes an explosion. We understand that Peter dies, but Tilde is thrown out of the car, and as she points her gun at the plane, Hermia appears and hits the policewoman with her bag.

During the flight, Karen and Harald have a run-in with a German plane, which tries to shoot them down, and then they run out of petrol, and in an impossible manoeuvre, Harald has to fill up the tank, walking on the wing of the plane. I found this part a bit boring and implausible. In any case, Karen and Harald finally reach England, and the photographs are finally passed on the British Intelligence. By this time Karen and Harald are an item, and they confess their love for each other.

At the end of the book, Hermia returns to England safe and sound, and the British have a mission for Karen and Harald. They are to be dropped back in Denmark and they will start a new ring of Resistance.

I enjoyed most parts of the book, but I have to say that I skipped the parts which were too technical about the planes. I also found the chapters in which Karen and Harald are flying too long and a bit dull.


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