Hornet Flight 6 (Pages 346 – 401)



Poor Harald doesn’t know what to do. He has the film with the photos, but when he goes to the house where his brother was staying, he finds a policeman there. Thankfully, the boy is clever and pretends he has made a mistake and was looking for another place. Realising that Arne is not there, he wonders if he might have gone to the monastery, but he finds the place empty.

Back in Copenhagen, Harald thinks that his best shot is to travel to Sweden, which is a neutral country. Yet, he needs papers to travel there, but he thinks that there must be all kinds of criminal activity, and he could try to find an alternative way to travel to Sweden. The only criminal he knows is Betsy, a prostitute he met when the jazz club was closed down, so he goes there again, and he asks for Betsy. His intention is to talk to his pimp, who must have had connections to the underworld. Harald tells Luther, the pimp, that he needs to travel to Sweden, but he doesn’t go into detail about his reasons. Luther wants money, but Harald doesn’t have much, so Luther promises to find him someone for the job if he now gives him 10 crowns. As he is gone, Betsy comes up to him and tells him not to trust Luther at all, as he will betray him. Harald doesn’t take her words seriously, but after thinking things through, he decides to go out of the establishment, and in the dark he sees the police, led by Peter Flemming, go into the jazz club, and then Luther appears, and he and Peter have a heated conversation. Harald realises that Betsy was right all along, and Luther has sold him to Peter. It is a good thing that he decided to leave when he did, or he could have been arrested.

Harald has no other option that return to Kirstenslot, and in the monastery he tells Karen everything, even the part about Peter. Karen refuses to believe that a policeman could have deceived her like that since she still believes in the righteousness of the Danish institutions. Harald talks about how he can take the film with the photographs he took to England. Karen and Harald stare at the unused plane, and Karen mentions that if the plane was in a good state, they could fly to England. Harald says that he could try to fix it, but there is still the problem that he has only had one flying lesson and can’t fly a plane. However, the problem vanishes when Karen says that he knows how to fly a plane since she took lessons for a long time. So they join forces, and Harald gets down to repair the plane, hoping he can make it fly.

As for Arne, the poor man is being questioned by Peter, but Arne manages to give him his version of things. Yet, he quivers when Peter mentions a man who was spotted in the Nazi base, his parents’ house being searched, a young man going to the house where Arne was arrested, and Harald being found in the dark room developing some photographs. Peter insists that Harald is involved, but Arne denies everything. Tilde uses a kinder approach, which is a technique that was arranged by her and Peter, and tries to reason with him and persuade him to confess. When he refuses, Peter threatens him with the Gestapo and what they will do to him. General Braun gets there in that moment, and Arne jumps, gets his gun, and at once Peter knows what he is going to do. He doesn’t want Arne dead since he needs information, but he is late and when he tries to make a grab for the gun, Arne shoots himself and dies. Poor Arne. It’s a shame he had this end when he hasn’t done anything against the Nazis. It is true he agreed to work for the Resistance, but he has done any work against the Nazis.

As for Hermia, she gets worried when Arne doesn’t turn up at the time that they had arranged. When the last ferry comes and Arne is not there, she grows concerned. Despite the risk, Hermia calls the number for Jens, where Arne was staying, and a policeman answers. So now Hermia knows that either Arne had to flee from that address or has been arrested. The only thing she knows she can do is travel to Denmark. She has her fake documents, so without a second thought she gets on the ferry and travels to Copenhagen.

Very intense!!! I am intrigued how the characters will act now.


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