Hornet Flight 5 (Pages 195 – 346)



After Poul is killed, Hermia decides to contact Arne and ask him to join the Resistance. She phones him and arranges to meet him in the ruins of a castle on an island halfway between Denmark and Sweden. What she doesn’t know is that since Poul’s death, Arne has been followed by the police. His movements are normal, but when he buys a ticket on the ferry for the island, Peter, Tilde and other police officers follow him. Arne has a bike with him, and when he notices that he is being followed, Peter thinks this is his admission of guilt. So from then on Arne is a wanted man, even if he hadn’t done anything yet.

When he meets Hermia, they have time to get reacquainted and after their romantic interlude, Hermia comes down to business. She tells him about Poul and the Resistance, and Arne feels upset that he has been left out. Hermia has to admit that she thought he was not up to the job. Yet, now she has nobody else, so that is why she has turned to her boyfriend. Hermia tells him about the radio transmitter that the Germans have on Sande, and what he is supposed to do is to sneak into the base and take photographs of the system.

Since he is now a wanted man, he can’t take the ferry back to Denmark since the police would surely detain him. So Hermia comes up with an idea when she runs into a man who she met in the bed and breakfast she had stayed the night before and who had made comments against the Nazis. The man, Sven, has a car, so he agrees to hide Arne in the boot of his car and that way Arne is able to leave the island undetected.

Since he cannot return to the flying school, he tells Hermia that he will stay with a friend, who is part of the resistance in Copenhagen, but first he is to see Harald, his brother. Harald’s situation has changed drastically. Shortly before the end of the school year, he and his two inseparable friends go to a jazz club. While they are there, the police comes and close down the place. When the three friends leave, they are drunk and as they go past a Nazi guard post, and drunk as he is, Harald makes the mistake of painting the message ‘this guard wears no trousers” on the guard post. Unfortunately, the police come and arrest him. The following day when he is taken to be questioned, the policeman finds his mischief funny and tells him that he will be released without any problem. Yet, Peter Flemming appears, and with his thirst of revenge for the Olufsens, he won’t let Harald go scot-free. Fearing the worst, Harald wonders if the Gestapo will be called and somehow they will find the connection between him and the drawing he made for Poul. Yet, Peter takes him back to his school and puts the headmaster in a tight corner. Peter gives him an ultimatum: either he expels Harald or the Gestapo will have to be called. So Heis, the headmaster, has to agree and expel Harald.

Since it is just a few weeks before the end of the school year, Harald is allowed to take his final exams, but he will not be allowed to graduate with the rest of the class. When he makes his way to his home, he is afraid of what his father will say. Bruno, his father, comes and tells him that he is a shame to his name. Then his punishment for his son is the worst thing Harald could expect. The young boy expects to go to university and become a physicist, but now his father forbids him from going to university as he controls the money that Harald’s grandfather left for his education. Then he tells him about a job he has found for him. It is in a haberdashery, and Harald lasts there half a day. He makes a decision; he will leave home and find his way. He then decides to stay on Tik’s property; there is an abandoned monastery where Tik’s father has a car and a plane, and he hopes to find a job on a farm. The only person he tells about his plan is his brother.

When he reaches the village, he goes to Nielsen, the farmer, but the man tells him that he is not hiring this summer as he can’t afford it. The Germans now decide the price of his crops, so he is losing money. When Harald reminds him of repairing the truck his son was driving, Nielsen thinks he can hire him as a mechanic as he has lots of machinery that need repairing.

When he makes his way to the monastery, he decides to go and try to find Karen. He is lucky and the girl is surprised. Yet, Karen blows hot and cold, and Harald doesn’t really know what to think of her. Then at night she surprises him by coming to the monastery. She brings him some blankets and food. It is a day or two later that Arne turns up. Karen is there, but he leaves the two brothers alone. Arne tells him about what had actually happened to Poul and about the mission he has been asked to take part in. Harald admits that he drew the picture found among Poul’s things, and Arne bitterly comments that even his little brother was part of the resistance. Then Harald comes up with a suggestion. Since Arne is a wanted man, it won’t be possible for him to reach the island without a back-up plan, so he tells him that he will go as he knows how to sneak inside the base and he will take the photographs. Arne is reluctant at first, but then he agrees.

So albeit scared, Harald makes his way to the island where he was born. He manages to snake into the base and take the photographs, but the Nazis are alerted that someone is on the premises. Harald manages to escape, and his only possiblity is to go home despite the circumstances under which he left. His mother is there, and he asks her to say he has been asleep all night in his room. He hears his father comes shortly afterwards, and then the Nazis knock on the door, and from his position he hears his father tell them that he had been sleeping all night long. This is the first lie he has ever hard his father tell, and when Bruno comes to the room, the man is sad rather than angry, and to Harald’s surprise his father hugs him, trembling with fear for him, repeating over and over again that he might have been killed. I think Harald learnt a good lesson here. He has always thought that his father loved his beliefs more than his sons. Yet, he has learnt that under his hard facade Bruno is a sensitive man who loves Harald dearly.

At the same time Peter wants to find Arne, and his idea is to follow Karen. Yet, in the days the girl has been followed, nothing has been out of the ordinary. So Peter uses his slyness to get to her, so he approaches and tells her that he is a friend of Arne’s, and he wants to warn him because he is going to be arrested that night. Peter tells her that if she knows where he is, she should warn him. So Karen takes Peter and Tilde exactly where Arne is. Karen finds the address of the friend who Arne is staying with, and she walks there. When Karen leaves the address alone, Tilde suggests they call backup, and Peter agrees and tells her to follow Karen. After Peter calls the station, he keeps watch and sees Arne leave. So he follows him, and when Arne notices him, Peter says he is arrested, but Arne starts running from him, and Peter shoots and finally hits him. Yet, Arne is not killed and when Peter comes closer to his dejected figure on the ground, Arne tells him that he should have killed him. Poor Arne. So unlucky! He really hasn’t done anything, and now he is up to some serious trouble.

After his adventure on the island, Harald decides to travel to his old school. He needs to develop the photographs, and there is a dark room and the equipment in his old school. So he reaches the school at night and gets into Tick’s room. It is lights-out time, but the two friends sneak out of the place and break into the dark room. Tik develops the photographs, and when he realises what it is, he gets afraid because of what this means, so he tells Harald that he will try to forget this ever happened. Yet, things won’t be so easy. A Pro-Nazi student has seen the two of them and has reported them to the headmaster and another teacher, so he and Tik are caught in the laboratory. Harald finds himself in a quagmire, so he finally decides is to ask Heis to talk to him in private and tell him the truth. Heis was an army man in the past, so when Harald shows him the photographs, he realises how important this is for the British to get them, so Heis is cooperative and lets Harald go. I wonder how Harald will pass the photographs onto the British Intelligence now that his brother has been captured.


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