Hornet Flight 4 (Pages 179 – 195)



I was wrong about Tilde. I thought she might be part of the resistance, but it is obvious that she isn’t.

Peter receives the bad news that the man responsible for his wife’s current condition has only been sentenced to six months in prison. Furious, he goes to the flying school where Poul and Arne work. The first person he sees is Arne, and now we get to know why the two families have been hostile to each other. Apparently, Peter’s father, Axel, who is the owner of the hotel on the island had been reported for committing tax fraud. Axel had to pay a fine, but that wasn’t enough for Pastor Olufsen, whose rule was to expel anybody who committed a crime, and what angers Peter more is that the Pastor humiliated his father when he threw him out of the church and congregation.

Now as Peter sees Arne, he wonders if Arne could be one of the traitors he is after, but he tells himself that he couldn’t be so lucky to have his revenge on one Alufsen. Besides, when he talks to him, Arne is carefree and doesn’t show any signs of guilt.

Then Peter, General Braun, and those with Peter ask after Poul, and they are told he is flying his plane. Then they start searching his office and bedroom. In his office Tilde finds the drawing of the radar that Harold made, and that is the confirmation Peter needs to go after Poul. Then another one of his men find the book with the codes. Since it is Tilde who finds the drawing and shows it to Peter, I realise that my hunch was totally wrong. I like Tilde, but she is too loyal to horrible Peter.

Then Poul’s plane appears in the sky and in minutes he lands. Before he jumps off the plane, he notices the police and General Braun. So before anybody can do anything, he tries to escape on his plane. Peter shoots and several holes appear in the fuselage of the plane. Fuel comes out of one of them, and when Poul takes off, Peter has another one of his ideas, and throws the cigar he was smoking in the direction of the plane since Poul manouvred it close to the group who had been waiting for him. Soon the plane starts to burn and Poul dies a horrible death.

Poor Poul and horrible Peter!!! I really loathe this character! And what is going to happen to the resistance now that Poul, who was the leader, is dead. Did Poul pass on the information that Harald had given him before he died? Does Hermia know about the radar?



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