New Book – Hornet Flight by Ken Follett (Pages 1 – 36)


Publishing year: 2002

It has been a while since I last read a book by Ken Follett. He is one of my favourite books, so I imagine in this book I will enjoy a good adventure.

The prologue takes place in a war hospital in 1941. Flight Lieutenant Bart Hoare is recovering after he was hit in an air attack. His stepbrother, Digby, who works for the government, visits him. Bart tells him about all the men that were lost in the attack and how it seemed as if the Nazis were waiting for them. Digby wonders how they are losing so many planes and men, and how the Nazis seem to know their movements. Bart mentions spies, but Digby is not sure.

Days later Digby meets the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and they talk about the same topic Digby brought up in his encounter with his brother. Then Churchill gives him a piece of paper of a message that was intercepted, and there is a mention of Freya, who Winston Churchill wants Digby to find out who or what Freya is. It sounds like a female name, so I wonder if Freya is a Nazi female spy.

Then in the first chapter the action moves to occupied Denmark, and we meet Harold Olufsen, an eighteen-year-old, whose father is the pastor of the church in Sonde, an island near Marlunde. Harold has a brother who is ten years older. In this first chapter we learn that in Denmark the population is divided between those who oppose the Nazis and those who are sympathisers. A family that are hostile to the Olufsens are the Flemings, who have a hotel on the island which the Nazis  frequent.

When Harold is on his way home, his nimbus, a motorbike, which he has fixed with a steam engine, runs out of fuel, so he has to continue on foot. Since it is raining, he decides to take a short cut, and he dares to cross through a building which the Nazis have built, and it is then when he discovers some kind of contraption, which I think is like a radar. So maybe this is the secret that Churchill wants. I wonder if someone has seen Harold, which means he’ll be in danger.

I have only read the first pages so I am agog to see what happens next.


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