Little Sister 3 (Part II: Chapters 6 – 11)



We know that Avril has Daisy, and the woman is deranged, thinking that the baby is Chloe. I am afraid that she might hurt Daisy, and I hope that they catch her soon.

Another character who is not well is Emily. She is a very difficult character to like. She is controlling and as far as we can see, she has shown little love for those who are her family. Daisy’s disappearance has pushed her on the edge and she is drinking too much. Jess tries to be sympathetic, and now Emily realises that her sister is the only one she can trust. When they go for lunch one day, Jess mentions the past and wonders if their parents missed her when she went. Emily is vague about her answers, and I can guess that Emily was the one who orchestrated Jess’s decamping.  Jess remembers that her mother was depressed the weeks before she left, but her father wasn’t so affected, and Emily told her that she had got a call from the clinic where Jess had the abortion, and in her beliefs Jess had done the worst possible sin. I have the hunch that Jess’s parents never heard about the abortion at all, and the reason why Jess’s mother was depressed is that she might have learnt that her husband was dying. Didn’t the man die shortly after Jess went away? For some reason Emily must have wanted Jess out of the way.

I don’t know if Jess knows what happened in the past. I thought that she was the only character who we could take at face value, but now I wonder if she is as good as she appears to be. Sammie, Emily’s oldest friend, calls and this time Emily gets the call. Emily is annoyed because she is fed up with well-wishers, but then her annoyance vanishes and she manages to talk to Sammie. Then, Sammie makes a strange comment. She hints that maybe Jess had something to do with Daisy’s disappearance, and Sammie mentions that she might be upset about the past because during the two sisters’ mother’s funeral Jess stayed with Sammie, and she hints that she mentioned something about the past. So now I wonder if Sammie revealed something about Emily and her part in Jess’s exile from home. What if Jess wanted to take revenge on her sister and make her feel what she felt when she was all alone without her family? After all, she was looking after Daisy when she went missing? But how did she know that Avril was alive? We know that she saw the letter that James had from Avril? What if she contacted Avril, making her believe that she was James? In the parts we hear Avril’s voice, she recalls James’s words, telling her that she had a right to see her daughter. Maybe that was what Jess had written to her? If that is the case,  Jess is as bad as Emily, using a little baby to take revenge.

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