The Moving Finger 4 (Chapters 11 – 12)



In the next part of the book the mystery is left aside for a bit, and there is some romance. Jerry needs to see his doctor in London for a regular check-up, and on his way to the station he sees Megan. He stops the car and offers her a lift. When they are at the station, Jerry studies the girl and feels annoyed that she takes so little care of her appearance, and she wears ugly stockings and an unshaped sweater. Then as he is already inside the carriage, he makes a sudden decision, and opening the door, she grabs Megan and drags her inside. Megan is perplexed, but she claims that nobody will miss her.

In London after his visit to the doctor, who gives Jerry a clean bill of health, he takes Megan to a fashionable clothes shop, whose owner Jerry knows. There he tells her to take care of Megan’s clothes, sparing no expense, and also to make sure that her hair is also done. When Jerry returns, Megan looks so different and pretty that he hardly recognizes her. He then takes her to a restaurant where they have dinner and dance, and it is late and the last train is gone, so Jerry and Megan return in a hired car.

Thankfully, Megan’s absence hasn’t been noticed, and Megan just wakes up Rose, one of the servants, who tells her that she thought she was in her bedroom, and her stepfather and Elsie have gone out. She gives Jerry a hard stare, not approving of what he has done. When Jerry lets himself into his house, Joanna is still up, and when he tells her what he has done, Joanna says that his behaviour has been irresponsible as now Megan and he will be the talk of the town, and in jest she tells him that he will have to marry Megan. At the comment Jerry says that it will be okay as he won’t mind marrying him. As the words sink in, he realises that he would very much like to marry her, and Joanna says that she has always known that.

The following day Jerry rushes to the Symmingtons’ and asks to see Megan. Without any preambles Jerry tells her that he is in love with her and wants to marry her. Yet, Megan is surprised and turns him down, claiming she is not in love with him. I am not sure whether to believe her. Megan is always putting herself down, claiming she is stupid, clumsy and plain, and maybe this is the reason why she has said no because I have the hunch that she likes Jerry well enough.

Jerry is disappointed, but even though Megan has told him there is no hope for her to change her mind, she won’t give up. So the next thing he does is to go to see Megan’s stepfather and ask for her hand. Dick Symmington is surprised, but he only says that it is up to Megan whether she wants to marry Jerry or not.

The novel is close to its end, and we haven’t seen much of Miss Marple. Will she prove her intelligence by solving the last piece of the puzzle?


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