New Book – The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie (Chapter 1)


Publishing year: 1942

I have read this book before, and I have seen the TV version.

Since I read the book years ago and I imagine that the TV version is different, it will be a pleasure to get reacquainted with it.

The novel is told in the first person. The narrator is Jerry, who had an aviation accident and he is recovering. His doctor thinks that some time in the country will do him good, so he and his sister Joanna rent a house in Lymstock, a little village. After a few weeks living there, they get an anonymous letter, implying that he and Joanna are not brother and sister, and they both find the letter surprising and amusing at the same time. When he tells the local doctor, Dr Owen Griffith, about it, he tells him that he is not the only one to have received one of these anonymous letters. He got one himself and also the lawyer, and most of these letters hint at something sexual, but nobody knows who could be behind the letters.

The letters are closely linked to the murders that will ensue, but right now I don’t remember what the link is.

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