The Missing Wife 4 (Chapters 23 -28)

Missing 1.indd


Oh my, my!!! Vince is on his way to find Imogen. He goes to Paris and stays in the same hotel as Imogen did. When he asks the staff, one concierge remembers that Imogen mentioned a city, intending to mislead Vince if he ever came looking for her. Soon Vince realises that she has been sent on a wild good chase. So he decides to travel to Marseille and find out about the guesthouse where Imogen and her mother used to live. She finds the information in the town hall, but the current owners don’t have much information. The new owner, an English woman, shows him some photographs, and in a few Vince can see that it is Imogen as a child, but that doesn’t lead him anywhere. Yet, unfortunately, he has a stroke of luck when he is checking TripAdvisor for reviews about the guesthouse and other establishments in the area, and he finds a review he finds amusing, and wanting to read more reviews by the same author, he clicks on his name, and to his surprise he sees a photograph of Imogen with a man, whose name is given in the caption as Gerry, and the location is Hendaye. Gerry is the husband of Samantha, the woman who Imogen befriended while staying in the hotel in Hendaye, and then they had dinner one night, and that is the photograph from that night. Vince now knows that Imogen is Hendaye and he even thinks that Imogen is in a relationship with Gerry, and we don’t know what he is capable of doing. We know that he never hurt Imogen physically, but what else is he capable of? Imogen is really scared of him, and I am also very scared for her. It is a question of time that Vince finds her.

In the meantime, Imogen is blissfully unaware of what is coming to her. In the last few days she has finally seen the brothers who she used to be friends in Villa Martine. She discovers that there is a third brother, Giles, who was born after she and her mother left. He is the first one who she meets, and she has to admit to knowing his family. Then the other brothers come, Oliver and Charles, but they are bewildered by her presence. It is a few days later that she sees Oliver again when she returns to clean the house. He is on his own, and they talk. Oliver tells her that his parents got divorced when Giles was four and five; his mother is in a relationship, and his father is in his third marriage. What surprises Imogen is that Oliver doesn’t know the reason why she and her mother left, so Imogen has to tell her. Oliver is not surprised since his father always had a tendency to cheat on her mother, and Carol was not the first one. After talking to Oliver, Imogen feels relieved when she realises that Carol didn’t hurt the Dellisandes’ relationship more than other women did. Actually, Oliver thinks that his mother often wondered if Imogen and Carol were okay in Dublin, so he guesses that his mother might have regretted her sudden decision, but in my opinion I don’t think that was the only resolution. How could Lucie Dellisandes keep Carol after learning that she and her husband were having an affair?

Imogen now has lots of friends in Hendaye. René, his boss, Celine and her family, Oliver, and even the people living in her same block of flats. I hope that this bunch can help her when Vince turns up. I don’t know what to expect, so I am dying to know how this will pan out. I really hope that Imogen remains strong and doesn’t let her husband manipulate her again.


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