The Missing Wife 3 (Chapters 19 – 22)

Missing 1.indd


It is during Cheyenne’s wedding that Imogen realises a few things about herself and her husband. Paula tells her that Vince asked Kevin not to phone her anymore as his calls upset Imogen. Later in the room Imogen asks Vince about what Paula claimed, and he denies what the woman says, telling her that he only said that Imogen was still upset about the memories of her mother. Imogen is sceptical about his reasons, and she is also upset as Vince started on her because Cheyenne’s godfather, who was tipsy, grabbed her and started dancing with her. For some reason Vince backpedals and tells her that they can still have fun. So they return to the reception, and Vince is all charm. Yet, when they are back in the room and they make love, Vince tells her that she belongs to him, and those words resonate in her mind. She realises that she is not the person she used to be and Vince has created a woman to his liking, and it is then that she starts thinking about a plan to escape.

In Hendaye Imogen realises that she is starting to be happy again. She has made friends in René, her boss, and Celine, the waitress in the cafe who used to be married to René. She is invited to take part in a boules competition for charity, and then there is dancing and drinking, and for the first time in a long time she feels free and happy. When she returns to her flat, she decides to share her happiness with those who love her as, she reasons, Vince won’t take that from her either. So after Cheyenne has written an email to her, telling him about Vince’s call and her support in whatever she decides, Imogen replies, but thankfully, she uses a new account as she suspects that Vince has access to her old one. So she tells Cheyenne that she has left Vince for good as he wasn’t the man she should have married, but she doesn’t give her any information. Then she calls Shona, and she explains her reasons to leave Vince, and through Shona she learns that Vince plans to find her in France and is making arrangements to go there himself. Imogen tells her friend not to tell Vince she has called or anything at all, but I am not sure if Shona will respect the promise because we know that Vince could be very persuasive.

I am afraid for Imogen because Vince is ready to do anything to find her. He has even called the professor she worked for, asking him where Imogen used to live in Provence. He makes up a story about wanting to give his wife a surprise. The professor doesn’t know where exactly she lived, but he remembers the name of the guesthouse where she lived as a child. So if Vince goes and finds the guesthouse or Mme Fournier, he could well find out that after the Provence, Imogen and her mother went to live to Hendaye. Oh my. I’m so afraid for Imogen. I hope she decides to confide in her new friends because she needs people who can support her. I also think that after what she has gone through in her marriage, I think Imogen needs some psychological help. She still doubts herself when she shouldn’t, and Vince’s shadow is still very present in her life.


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