The Missing Wife 2(Chapters 9 – 13)

Missing 1.indd

Imogen is making a new life in Hendaye.

He finds a flat, and through the estate agent she lands a job cleaning holiday flats even though the man, René, is unsure about hiring her at first. Then she proves she is a good cleaner and René trusts her with cleaning houses with permanent owner, one of which is the house where she spend five years of her life as a child. Imogen wonders about the Delissandes and whether they are still the owner of the place.

In Ireland Vince and Shona are still worried. Imogen opens her email account to find emails from both of them. Vince’s emails are angry but they all end with “I love you and forgive you”, and Shona’s are more about her worry. It is Shona who gets a call from the Missing Family Foundation, telling her that they have a message from Imogen who wants to tell her that she is fine and wants a new life. Naturally, Shona tells Vince, and he is furious, especially as Imogen arranged for the foundation to call Shona and not him. We know that Vince isn’t going to let go. He has the password for her email account, and if Imogen were to use her email, he might find emails of hers about her whereabouts. He is also planning to phone her relatives in the States, Berthe.

Imogen has foreseen what Vince might do, and she calls Berthe. Imogen tells her about her walking out and how living with Vince was annihilating the person she was. The reason why she calls her is that she knows that Vince will eventually call her, and Berthe might mention Hendaye, and Imogen doesn’t want him to find her. Imoge claims that Vince never hurt her physically, but from what she says Berthe understands that one can be hurt in other ways, and Imogen admits that she is right. I wonder what Imogen’s plans in the long run are. Will she be married to Vince all her life so as to avoid seeing him? I imagine that sooner or later Vince will find her.

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