Meet me on the Beach 2 (Chapters 4-7)



My, my… Karen is now in real trouble. After that first heart-to-heart conversation, she and William, the vicar, have met from time to time to talk. Then she gradually realises that she is attracted to him, and the way he acts tells Karen that he also feels the same. Things come to a head when they are preparing a fete, which Harry always hosted to collect funds for the church, and left alone it is William who broaches the subject. He tells her that he has noticed what she feels, and he is sorry if he has given her the wrong impression. Karen knows that William is lying, and he also has feelings. However, Karen is aware that William is right. He is married with a child, and if that wasn’t enough, he is a vicar on top. Karen would never consider herself a family-wrecker, and she swears she won’t be one. In this case the situation would be much worse as William would have to leave his vocation as a relationship with Karen would go against everything he believes in.

I think this story will get more complicated. I wonder how the characters will act. I have the hunch that they won’t be able to keep apart. This is an interesting conflict, and I’m dying to see how this situation will pan out.


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