The Other Me 5 (Pages 107 – 155)



I really don’t understand Klaudia. I know that she suffered scorn and bullying when she was only eleven, and that is why she has stage fright and why her relationship with others is so unnatural. She has voluntarily broken up with Cosmo even though she is totally in love with him. Even when they agree to be friends, she is hurting because she loves him. I really don’t understand why she doesn’t tell him the truth and let him make up his mind about her. I guess that she doesn’t want to lose everything from the life that she used to have in Leeds. Yet, she is doing the same and living a fake life.

Apart from her relationship with Cosmo, it is clear that her mother’s death is not straightforward. The neighbour Mrs Perkins, who is not very friendly since Otto shot her cat dead, tells Klaudia about the shouts that she and her husband heard the day she died and in the previous days. The woman is also critical about Otto’s behaviour and mentions how he is always in his shed doing God knows what. Klaudia is surprised by what the woman is hinting at, but she concludes that Mrs Perkins is wrong or lying. I am very curious. What happened between Klaudia’s parents before her mother died? Were they fighting about something in particular?

As for the parts about Ernst, we see how Otto is more and more involved in the Hitler Youth, and he is not a very nice person, showing the qualities nurtured in him by the country’s leader. Ernst also does what he is required to do as part of the system, but he is torn when he befriends one of his old school mates, Daniel, and his sister, Sarah, who are both Jews. The first symptom of rebellion is when he hides a book by Albert Einstein, who the nuns in his school were to burn following the orders of the Führer. He decides to hide the book in the abandoned house where he knows that Daniel and Sarah sometimes go to escape from things. Then he starts meeting the two siblings even though he knows Otto not only would disapprove but would report him. Yet, Erns can’t stop seeing Sarah, who we know he is in love with. We know what happened to Germany and the Jews during the World War, so Ernst is up to some heartbreak and suffering.


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