The Other Me 4(Pages 80 – 107)



I thought that Klaudia would come clean with Cosmo about her lies. Yet, after she decides she can’t return to Leeds, she writes a letter to her friend Meg, explaining who she really is and why she lied. However, she simply writes a short note to Cosmo, saying that she can’t return to Leeds, and she is sorry.

This, naturally, isn’t the end of their story. When she tells her father she isn’t returning to Leeds as she has taken some absence of leave, he thinks that she needs to find a job. So remembering Cosmo telling her about a friend who had a burlesque club in London, for some reason Klaudia goes there as if drawn by the idea of touching something where Cosmo had been. As luck will have it, Cosmo is there. She wants to tell the truth, but the words are stuck in her throat, and before she knows what is happening, Cosmo has introduced her to Josh, the owner of the club, as Eliza and Josh offers her a job behind the bar. So the lie continues. Cosmo tells her that he has left the teacher training course, and following her advice, he is pursuing his passion for painting, and the first work he has is to paint a mural in Cosmo’s club. Eliza is unable to tell him the truth, but she knows she can’t continue being with him under false pretences, so she simply breaks up with him, telling him that she doesn’t feel the same.

I think Klaudia is acting wrong. Why doesn’t she tell him the truth? It won’t be much more different than the scenario she has now. I think we still need to learn more about Otto, and I have the impression that there is more to her mother’s death than meets the eye. Klaudia has found her coat hanging on the pegs, so she wonders what happened that her mother wasn’t wearing her coat in December when she left the house. Why was she in such a hurry? I don’t want to think that Otto has anything to do with this because he clearly worshipped his wife, so what are these hints the novel is throwing at us?


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