The Other Me 2 (Pages 11 – 23)



The book next takes us to Leeds in 1995, and we are introduced to Eliza, a ballet student. She was at university but she dropped out to do ballet. We know that Eliza is lying about something. One of the things is that she has told her friends and flat mates that she is an orphan, but she talks to her mother on the public phone. I have the hunch that Eliza is actually Klaudia. If that is so, why did she change her name? And why did she tell her friends she is an orphan? Is this because of what her friends in high school told her about her father, about him being a Nazi? And what lies is she telling her parents? I imagine that she hasn’t told them that she goes by another name, she has told everybody she hasn’t got parents and she is doing ballet. That is, if Eliza is really Klaudia.

The book introduces us another character, Ernst. It is 1994 and he is in New York. We know that Ernst is Otto’s brother, and from his recollections we learn that both Erns and Otto belonged to the Hitler Youth, and then they went to the war. Ernst dreamt of leaving Germany and moving to America, and now he is in New York. Yet, Ernst is not healthy, and he frequents the hospital as the wounds he had during the war have left lasting effects on him. I am curious to know what happened between the two brothers. Are they still in contact? And how come they ended up living thousands of miles away from each other?


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