New Book – The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson (Pages 1-11)


Publishing year: 2015

The prologue shows us a narrator who is thinking how to kill a man.

It is quite cryptic, but as far as I understand, this man or some other man asked our narrator to do something terrible, and our narrator, who I think is a woman, is considering how to kill this person, and apparently, it has to be soon. Who is the narrator and the person who they are thinking of killing? And why have they got to kill him?

The first chapter of the novel, after the prologue, is in London in 1986. The narrator here is Klaudia, an eleven-year-old girl who is excited about her first day at school. Klaudia’s parents have home-schooled her until now, so Klaudia has no friends. On her first day in high school Klaudia is nervous, and some incident takes place. A cricket balls suddenly breaks the glass pane of one window. The caretaker, who is Klaudia’s father, comes to clean the shards of glass. One of the girls, Amber, who Klaudia tries to befriends, whispers to Klaudia that the caretaker is a Nazi and gassed Jews during the war. Klaudia feels embarrassed and doesn’t say anything about him being her father. We know that Klaudia’s parents are quite religious – they are Methodists – and Otto, Klaudia’s father has noticed that his daughter won’t talk to him at school. Klaudia feels bad, and Otto tells her that she shouldn’t copy some of the high school pupils who know nothing about discipline and often play with drugs. I wonder if Klaudia is the narrator in the prologue, and is it true what Amber told her? Klaudia muses that her father was in the war, but he never thought of him as a Nazi. What is the story here? I imagine that this is related to the prologue, but it is difficult to guess how.


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