The Girlfriend 2 (Chapters 12 – 14)



Oh my gosh! Cherry is really creepy, and now she is showing her true colours, well, at least to the reader.

The two days that Cherry was supposed to spend in Saint Tropez turn to be an endless stay. Cherry mentions that her boss owed her some free time, so before Laura knows what is happening, Cherry almost invites herself to stay longer. Laura feels uncomfortable thinking about the following days with her unwanted guess, but she tells herself that Cherry makes Daniel happy, and that is what she should care about. What worries Laura is that Cherry hardly talks to her, and she would like to have a more open relationship with her son’s girlfriend. Then when she climbs to her bedroom, she notices the door to the room Cherry and Daniel share ajar, and before she stops to think what she is doing, she steps inside, and pushed by her desire to know more about Cherry, she has a look at Cherry’s passport, which shows that Cherry has only been to Australia. Then Laura shows the books she is reading, and as a bookmark she sees the girl is using the plane ticket. What surprises her that there is no return date when the young woman had stated that she would only stay that weekend.

This makes Laura suspicious, and when she learns that Daniel has paid her £600 for the tickets when she had seen that the ticket had only cost 500, Laura’s discomfort grows. Cherry realises straight away that Laura has been snooping among her things when she finds her book and the ticket inside in a position that she hadn’t left her. Cherry is intelligent and knows a confrontation won’t do, but she tells herself that she can resort to other things. Cherry is so creepy, and I’m afraid of how far she can get. After that, things start happening to Laura: keys that go missing, her toothbrush ending up in the rubbish bin, a scratch on her hire car… Laura doesn’t consider that Cherry is behind these small mishaps, but I am sure that is the case. What bothers her is that there is no date for Cherry to return to London.

There is clear tension between Cherry and Laura. We know that Cherry begrudges Laura her wealth, and her intention is to cause a rift between Laura and her son. When Cherry and Daniel are strolling around the village, he surprises her by taken her to an exclusive clothes shop and tells her to buy whatever she wants. Cherry manages to choose just a few garments, and when they finish shopping, Daniel goes to find some food for lunch, and as she is left alone, Cherry sees a picture by the artist whose paintings decorate the villa and who she knows Daniel loves. So even though the price is beyond her means, she tells herself that it will be worth it. So she buys the painting, and back in the villa she gives it to Daniel.

Cherry can feel Laura’s disapproval when she shows the clothes that Daniel has bought for her, and also when she shows the painting. Then the following morning which will be the last day Laura will be at the villa, Laura wakes up, feeling thirsty. She grabs a glass that she clumsily dropped, so the glass smashes into the floor. She picks up the pieces, and when she turns, she sees the painting that Cherry has bought for Daniel and comes closer to admire it. As she holds the painting, she is startled by Cherry, who talks to her in a cold way. Daniel appears shortly afterwards and tells her mother to go to the beach with him and Cherry on her last day, but Laura can’t bring herself to spend the night with a woman who makes her feels so uncomfortable.

Laura spends the morning in the village, and when she returns, she gets down to seeing to the vegetables in the garden. When she gets into the kitchen, Daniel and Cherry are there, and they look upset. Daniel is holding the painting, and there is a tear in it and a piece of the glass Laura broke that morning. Cherry mentions that it must have been an accident, but it is clear that she is accusing Laura of ruining the painting. After that, Laura feels that her son has grown distant, and when he takes her to the airport, she tries to tell him that she didn’t touch the painting, and even though Daniel disregards the matter, Laura knows that deep down he blames her.

Now that she is on her way to England, Laura feels very uncomfortable knowing that Cherry is in her villa.  I think Laura shouldn’t have allowed Cherry and her son to stay alone in the place. After all, it is her property, and she should have told Daniel that if she wasn’t there, the house couldn’t entertain anybody else. I think Laura is too lenient, and Cherry is someone who we know she should be careful of. I don’t trust Cherry at all, and I wonder how far she will go to get rid of Laura and get her clutches on her son and her money.


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