The Island 4 (33% – 51%)



I don’t know what to think of Barrett. Tate is totally smitten with him, and she gets disappointed when she spies on him and Chess, and she guesses that he is asking her on a date but she refuses. Feeling miserable she decides to spend the day alone on the lake, wallowing in self-pity. Despite her wishes for loneliness, she finally gets fed up with her own company. It is her mother who comes to her after she has tried to call Hank once again. Birdie confesses to Tate that she is dating and in love with Hank, but since she came to Tuckernuck, she feels he has drifted away as his calls are rather lukewarm.

Barrett comes next and asks her to go with him to a dinner party thrown by one of his clients. Tate doesn’t hesitate to accept, and from that moment on she feels on top of the world. The following day before Barrett comes to pick her up, Tate realises that she has nothing she can wear. Chess lets her use of her many dresses, her aunt India makes her face up, and her mother does her hair. When Barrett comes, he calls her beautiful and after he helps her onto his boat, he kisses her passionately. I don’t get Barrett. If he feels this drawn to Tate, why did he ask Chess first? Is he playing with Tate? Barrett and Tate get to the house of the client, a woman who clearly has a crush on Barrett and doesn’t hide the fact that she likes Barrett too much and begrudges Tate that she and her family are are hogging his attention.

Tate is nervous as this is not an environment that she feels comfortable in. It doesn’t help matters when her place at the table is at the other extreme from Barrett. She is surrounded by the owner of the house and other men. She starts feeling better when one of the men realise that Tate is the daughter of his lawyer, Grant, and since apparently, Grant had saved this man’s business or something along these lines. That makes Tate shine in this group. Yet, she can’t wait to leave.

Once the dinner is over, Barrett and Tate leave. He is all amorous, kissing her, and when they get to their place, they make love. Tate is on cloud nine, but she knows that her problem with men is that she appears too eager, so that puts men off. So when Barrett asks her to spend the day with him and his two sons, she declines, trying to keep her distance even though she longs to be with him. I have to say that I don’t trust Barrett. His attitude is a bit too strange. If he liked Tate so much, why didn’t he ask her on a date before? I have a hunch that maybe Barrett does more than being the caretaker of the woman from the party. And what about Chess? What does he feel about her? Did he ask her out first because Birdie had asked him to do so, or does he like her and Tate is just second best? I hope that Tate doesn’t get her heart broken, but I have the feeling that a relationship with Barrett won’t be easy.

We learn more about India and Lula, her pupil. Lula is a very talented artist and one of India’s best students. The relationship between them becomes friendly, and they share some drinks and dinner together. Then Lula asks India to pose for her naked, and even though India is unsure, especially as Lula has kissed her and confessed she is now into women. She eventually agrees on condition that Lula doesn’t tell anybody. When the sessions start, India is surprised when she feels totally turned on as Lula paints her naked body. Nothing happens, and the day of the exhibition of the paintings, Lula is a total success. Then when she and India are alone, Lula comes onto her, but India refuses her. She secretly admits that if the same thing had happened during the painting sessions, she wouldn’t have been able to resist, but now things are different. Her refusal is the reason why Lula leaves the Academy in Philadelphia for New York. And now India gets a letter from her with just one sentence: Did I get it wrong with you? India feels guilty, and as she is alone with Chess, she feels compelled to tell someone, so for once India tells her niece what had happened between her and Lula.

We also learn more about the story between Chess and Nick through her journal entries. One day Nick was waiting for her when she left work. They walked together, and in Central Park they started kissing passionately. When they pulled away, he said that he wanted her but he couldn’t hurt his brother, and Chess also admitted that she couldn’t hurt Michael either. So Chess continued with the relationship, which I don’t understand. If she knew she didn’t love Michael as much as Nick, why did she play with him? I just can’t understand him. Chess and Nick part ways that day without another word, and the next time they meet, Chess learns that Nick is dating her friend Rhonda, which makes her feel jealous and angry. I have to say that even though it is understandable Chess is grieving, I can’t really like her. Everybody thinks of her as the ideal daughter, popular, beautiful, talented, intelligent, but I like Tate much better. Chess was plain stupid as she played with these two men at the same time.

As for Birdie, the poor woman is also miserable. Every time she calls Hank, he is always busy and his attitude leaves much to be desired. She thinks he doesn’t love her as much as she does. Tate tells her she shouldn’t worry as she has probably caught Hank in a bad moment. Birdie decides to call him when she knows he must be at home. So she wakes in the middle of the night, walks in the dark to the point where she has coverage, but even though it is two a.m, Hank won’t pick up. Disappointed, she calls Grant. It is the second time she calls him after a disappointment with Hank, and I think it is cute that even though they are divorced, Birdie turns to him when she is in trouble. What does this mean? Will Birdie and Grant get back together? And what about Hank? What is happening to him? And where is he at 2 in the morning?


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