New Book – The Island by Elin Hilderbrand (2% done)


Publishing year: 2010

I love Elin Hilderbrand’s books, and the beginning of this new book is really promising.

First, we are introduced to Tate House on Tuckernuck Island, belonging to the Tate family for their summers. Yet, it is thirteen years since the house was used, but this is going to change.

Then we are introduced to Birdie Cousins, divorced, and with two grown-up daughters, Chess and Tate. We know that the relationship between Birdie and her eldest daughter Chess is fractious, and now that Chess is getting married to Michael Morgan, Birdie comes up with the idea of spending a week in Tate House with her daughter. When Birdie approaches Chess with the idea, the young woman doesn’t look too thrilled, and tells her she will get back to her later. Birdie fears that Chess won’t want to spend a whole week with her, but then she surprises her by accepting. Then Birdie calls the caretaker, but she is told that he has retired and it is his son, Barrett Lee, who does the caretaking job. Birdie calls Barrett and explains her intentions, and Barrett tells her that the house is in a terrible state and needs lots of repairs, but Birdie is ready to cover any expenses, and Barrett is to make sure that the house is in perfect state by the time she and Chess get there.

Interesting start. There are so many possibilities. We know that Birdie is not happy in her life, which she feels empty after her divorce. I have the hunch that there is a story about her and the old caretaker, Chuck. And when Birdie mentions Chess getting married, Barrett reacts surprised, so that makes me think that there is a story there as well.

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