O is for Outlaw 6 (Pages 306 – 374)



I was way off beam on my guesses. I thought that Eric could be involved in the shooting, but I was wrong.

Kinsey finds a trail in Louisville, Kentucky. She wants to know why Mickey went to investigate Duncan Oaks. She talks to Duncan’s boss at the time, who tells her that Mickey went to see him. The man tells her that Duncan was a popular man, but he didn’t pursue an education, but he got a job in the newspaper. It was him who came up with the idea to publish stories about the men in the Vietnam War and also the perspective of the wives who stayed behind. Duncan paid for his own flight, and it is in Vietnam where he went missing. No body was ever discovered, but the conclusion is that he might have been killed by friendly fire.

Next Kinsey goes to Duncan’s high school, and as she peruses the school yearbooks from the years Duncan was there. Kinsey discovers that Duncan was voted king of the prom, and the queen is a girl called Darlene LaDestro. When she sees the photo, she realises that she knows her. It is Laddie Bethel, Mickey’s lawyer’s wife. She investigates more in Louisville, and all the clues lead to Mark Bethel. Kinsey thinks that when Duncan was writing his stories about the Vietnam-war wives, he might have had an affair with Laddie. It is possible that Mark discovered his wife’s deceit, and he might have killed Duncan in Vietnam. I am not sure about the other facts. What I gather is that for some reason Mark was the one who caused Quintero’s death, but I am not sure why. Then as he was Mickey’s lawyer, he persuaded him to hand in his licence as this was the only way out. Now years later when Duffy finds Mickey and learns that he couldn’t be his brother’s killer, Mickey starts investigating Quintero’s death, and that might be the reason why Mark might have shot him.

Back in Santa Teresa, Kinsey receives the visit of the two detectives. She tells them what she knows, and the men also have some information. They found fingerprints belonging to Mark Bethel in Mickey’s apartment. So they want Kinsey to meet with Mark and try to make him admit some of his deeds and record everything in a recorder the detectives hand her. Kinsey knows that this is a dangerous game, but she can’t refuse.

I have to say that the plot has surprised me. It never crossed my mind that the lawyer could be in the thick of it. Now I want to know the particulars because I don’t understand why Mark Bethel had to kill Benny Quintero.


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