O is for Outlaw 4 (Pages 192 – 276)



Kinsey is gradually discovering more things about Mickey. When she visits the Tonky Ton, the bar she used to frequent when she was with Mike, she thinks that Mickey might have been there on his last day. The pub now belongs to Tim Littenberg, the son of Mickey’s best friend. Kinsey introduces herself to him, but she feels that he is wary around her. In the bar she also meets Thea, a waitress, whose boyfriend is Scottie, son of another good friend of Mike’s. What Kinsey discovers is that Thea and Mickey were having an affair.

Thea is not the only woman in Mickey’s life. When Kinsey begrudgingly accepts an invitation to a cocktail party at Dixie and Eric Hightower’s, she notices that Dixie is wearing the pendant that she saw in Mickey’s apartment. Wanting to confirm her suspicious, Kinsey gets to sneak into Dixie’s bathroom, and there she finds the bottle of perfume and the diaphragm that was missing from Mickey’s apartment. That means that Dixie and Mickey rekindled their relationship, or maybe they never stopped their affair.

Two women that are not free means that their partners have reasons to want Mickey dead. Scottie is Thea’s boyfriend, and he might have found out about his girlfriend straying, but I doubt he could be the person who shot Mickey. My best bet is Eric even if the man is disabled as his two legs were amputated when he was in the Vietnam war. Despite his disability, the man is quite capable: he can drive and he even has the energy to run his own business and throw parties. His interest in Kinsey is also suspicious. Maybe he is the one who shot Mickey and tried to frame Kinsey, calling her number when she wasn’t home, and leaving a gun that belonged to her.

Apart from that, Kinsey asks Jonah Robb for help. She tells him about the biker and wants him to keep an eye on him. A day or two later Jonah gets back to her and tells her that the man was arrested for bad driving. His name is Carlin Duffy, and the interesting point is that he is the half-brother of Benny Quintero, the man who Mickey was accused of killing fifteen years ago. Is this a coincidence? What kind of link did Carlin Duffy and Mickey have? Why did Carlin visit Mickey every few weeks?

Apart from that, Kinsey learns that Mickey travelled to Louisville for a few days, which due to his financial difficulties she finds strange. When Mickey’s neighbour, Wary, tells her that Mickey occasionally used his phone, she checks the record, and finds a number to Louisville. When she calls, she is surprised to realise that Mickey called a high school, and the woman who he talked to, the librarian, explains to Kinsey that Mickey wanted information on Duncan Oaks, a very talented student who died in the Vietnam War. I think the theme of the war is common to several of the characters. Tim Littenberg, Scottie, Eric Hightower, and now Duncan Oaks all went to the Vietnam War, and I think this might be important. I don’t know how the war has anything to do with Mickey being shot.


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