O is for Outlaw 3 (Pages 118 – 192)



The problem in the hospital is that the staff was not allowed to give any information about Mickey, and when Kinsey insists, they call the police. One of the detectives turns up and escort Kinsey to see Mickey for a minute. Mickey is unconscious and in a bad shape.

After that, Kinsey decides to investigate the place where she finally guesses Mickey lives. The clues that she gets there is that Mickey had a relationship with a woman as she finds some perfume and a pendant, the same design that Mickey gave her fifteen years ago. As she knows Mickey, she manages to find the places where he hides his stash. So what she discovers are several guns and money.

Once outside she goes to find the people who are in charge of the building. It is two sisters, Cordia and Bel, who are clever and guess that she has been snooping around Mickey’s flat. The two sisters tell her that Mickey was working for a security company but he was fired a couple of months ago because of his drinking problems, and that is why he failed to keep up with his rent. They also tell her that the only person visiting her is a biker, but they don’t know anything about it.

Kinsey returns to Santa Teresa, and the following day one of the sisters calls her. The police have unsealed the flat, and she also tells Kinsey that the owners of the flat are changing the locks and chucking Mickey out. So that night she returns to the flat, retrieves everything that she found in the hideaways Mickey had. While she is there, she hears the sound of a motorbike and then steps. A rough man knocks at the door, calling Mickey’s name, and Kinsey finally manages to get out.

Kinsey stays with the two sisters, and the following day as the locksmith changes the locks in Mickey’s flat, she meets one of his neighbours. His name is Wary, and he tells her that he has known Mickey for years since he moved there eight years ago. He tells her that the biker used to visit Mickey some time ago, but Mickey was embarrassed about his connection to him, and Wary never learnt his name. He also tells her that Mickey also had a relationship with a woman who he saw every two or three weeks, but Wary never saw her, so he doesn’t know who she is. Kinsey knows that the woman was in the apartment after her first visit since the perfume and the pendant are gone. Wary takes her to the place where Mickey was shot, but he doesn’t know how he got there. The police told him that Mickey had been drinking as there was alcohol in his blood, but all the bars in the area claimed that he wasn’t there that night.

The mystery is getting more and more interesting. Now Kinsey is getting involved and I would even say she is obsessed with helping Mickey and solving the mystery. I am curious to know who shot him. Was someone from his past? And I’m more curious to know who called Kinsey’s number from Mickey’s landline when he and Kinsey hadn’t talked or seen each other in fifteen years.


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