O is for Outlaw 2 (Pages 45 – 118)



We get to know more about Mickey, Kinsey’s ex-husband, and their history. In the box that Kinsey bought from Ted Rich, she finds a sealed letter, dated the day after she left Mickey. The letter is signed D, and Kinsey remembers Dixie, the waitress in the bar where she, Mickey, and all the other cops used to hang out. In the letter Dixie tells Kinsey that if she loves Mickey, she should support and stand by him as he wasn’t involved in the death he was accused of. Dixie gives him an alibi as she and Mickey were together that night. After reading the letter, we learn the background of the story. Mickey had a run-in with someone called Benny Quintero when the latter was pestering some women. Benny was later found dead, and the cause of death was some injury in his brain which was definitely caused by someone hitting him. Mickey was accused as it was thought he might have gone after him later, and at the time Kinsey thought that the accusation was not off beam because of Mickey’s personality, and when he asked her to lie for him, she walked out. We know that he was never charged, but he had to hand in his badge and stopped being a cop, which was a decline.

Now Kinsey is surprised to find out that despite the short marriage, Mickey was unfaithful to her, and she was never any the wiser. The picture we get from Mickey was someone who was a bit rough, but loyal and keen on defending victims. I like what Kinsey says about Mickey, and I would like to know why the marriage deteriorated in such a short period of time apart from the death Mickey was accused of. Kinsey admits that she had idolised Mickey, and then when she realised he was just flesh and blood, things started to go wrong.

Kinsey then gets down to finding Mickey as she believes she was wrong in her judgement at the time. She goes and sees the people she and Mickey used to hang out with fifteen years ago. First, she goes and sees Shack, Mickey’s best friend. The man confirms that Mickey and Dixie were lovers, but he hasn’t talked to Mickey for a long time. Next she goes to see Dixie, who alongside her disabled husband have become wealthy after setting up a company that produces wheelchairs. Dixie is distant and facetious towards Kinsey, but she doesn’t know where Mickey can be. Her husband, Eric, who Kinsey runs into outside the house is more welcoming, but he has no information either. Next she tries to talk to Mickey’s lawyer, but his secretary says he is away, and when Kinsey manages to get an address and a telephone number for Mickey, it is the same disconnect that she tried.

The next stop is the storage company, and she gets an address, which is similar to the one she has. We learn that Mickey is obsessed with privacy and usually disguises his details, so Kinsey knows that the different addresses she gets in the same area hide the real one, but she has to work out which one it is.

When she goes back home, two detectives are waiting for her. To her surprise they want to talk to her about Mickey. Kinsey learns that Mickey is in hospital after being shot twice, and he is in a very critical condition. The detectives want to know when she last talked to Mickey, and when she tells them that she and Mickey never talk and the last contact was fifteen years ago, they still insist on asking the same, which irritates Kinsey. They finally tell her that the reason why they want to talk to her is that in Mickey’s telephone records there is a phone call to Kinsey’s number which lasted thirty minutes. Kinsey is bewildered and clueless about how that can be true as she hasn’t talked to her ex-husband in ages. She considers the possibilities: someone might have broken into her flat and answered the call, which is far fetched, or maybe someone called her number on purpose to point their finger at her, maybe planning to frame her for Mickey’s murder. That means that the shooting was planned. Besides, the gun found in the scene of the crime, which is the one which was shot, was one which used to belong to Kinsey. Mickey gave it to her on their wedding night as a present, but Kinsey hasn’t seen her since she walked out and assumes that Mickey had it.

The next day Kinsey goes to the hospital, but she is told that Mickey is not there and nobody under that name was admitted. When Kinsey insists, the receptionist tells her that someone from ICU will talk to her. I wonder what this is about. If Mickey is there, why the secrecy? Who tried to kill him? Could it be someone from his past? And why the strange call to Kinsey’s number?


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