New Book – O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton (Pages 1 – 45)


Publishing year: 1999

It has been a while since I last read one of Kinsey’s mystery.

I have just started this new one. Here Kinsey gets a message on her answering machine from someone called Ted Rich. Kinsey calls him back, and the man tells her that he often buys the contents of storage units which are auctioned when their owners go on arrears in their payment. So he tells her that he came to own some papers that belong to her, among which he mentions report cards, diplomas or other things from her childhood.

Kinsey’s curiosity is aroused, so she meets the man. Ted tells her that the storage unit belonged to someone called John Russell, but he has been unable to find more information about it. Kinsey says that John Russell is a fake name and belongs to an ex-cop, but she won’t reveal anything else. She buys the stuff from Ted Rich, but when she asks him about where the storage unit is, the man asks for more money, and Kinsey refuses to give him a single more cent. We know that John Russell is Mickey Magruder and he was Kinsey’s first husband, and from the little she has said, we know that the marriage didn’t end up well. They were only married for a few months, and I think it was because he was involved in some seedy business and might have tried to involve her.

Despite the past she doesn’t want to revisit, Kinsey is curious, so she sneaks into Ted Rich’s house, and there is a very funny scene when she crawls through the dog’s door and there is a moment between her and the dog, which made me smile. Even Ted returns and almost catches her, but she finally gets out of the place, having taken the ticket for the storage unit where he got her things.

This is a promising start. I love when we know more about Kinsey and her personal life. Her second husband appeared in one of her cases, and we know that he cheated on her, and that was why the marriage ended. I am curious to know more about Mickey and his history with Kinsey.


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