The Fortune Hunter 2 (Pages 70 – 89)


I really love how marvellously fresh Charlotte is.

She doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. When Augusta, her brother’s sister-in-law, warns her against Bay Middleton. Charlotte knows what she wants, and it is clear that she won’t let anybody dictate her. I find her attitude great, and it is good that she knows she has the power that her fortune gives her. What is sad is that Charlotte can’t really know if the men who show interest in her like her more than her money. I wonder what will happen in the end between Charlotte and Bay. It is clear that Charlotte is falling for Bay, and he isn’t indifferent either. Yet, I am afraid what the Empress will mean for them. When Bay goes to talk to the Earl of Essex about acting as a pilot for the Empress, Bay’s first reaction is to refuse, but the Earl of Essex reminds her that it is the Empress and she is someone you cannot tell no to. So what else could the Empress request, which Bay won’t be able to refuse?


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