Walking Back to Happiness 7 (Chapters 25 – 29)



I am glad that Peter and Louise made up in the end. Peter moves back home, but he and Louise still don’t talk, and Juliet tells Louise she needs to fight for their love because no one knows what the future will hold. I love the part in which Louise gives him his birthday presents. Instead of the cashmere pullover she hardly remembers buying for him a year ago, she gives him some very thoughtful gifts: the wine he loves, a GPS programmed with the coordinates to their house, and the last gift is a piece of paper with the passwords for her emails, facebook accounts, mobile phone.. to show him that he can trust him. There is a moment in which Louise fears he is going to walk out on her, but Peter finally caves in and tells her how much he loves her. I like how Louise finally manages to speak to him and remove the mask of efficiency she always wears.

After that, it is Christmas, and Juliet spends it with her parents. She misses Lorcan and the Kellys, who have travelled to Ireland to spend the holidays with their families. Juliet is cooking, and despite missing Ben in her life, she can reconcile her feelings of sadness with new feelings of happiness. It is when they take a call from Ian, Juliet’s brother, who lives in Australia that Juliet and Louise learn that their parents are leaving for Australia to spend some time with Ian and his wife, who is having their third child. This is something that Diane and Eric have been planning for a while now, but they had to put it off when Ben died and they had to be there for Juliet. It is before the New Year that Juliet’s parents finally leave.

So on New Year’s Eve Juliet is alone. Louise wanted her to spend the day with her, but she declined as she didn’t want to be a third wheel when it was obvious that Louise and Peter are living their particular honeymoon. New Year’s Eve isn’t eventless. This time the situation comes from Minton, her dog, who she finds in her room after tearing Ben’s favourite shirt and some other objects like his shaving brush. Juliet is so upset that she shouts at Minton, and when she finally ponders that no object will bring Ben back, Minton has gone to hide. When Juliet tries to come closer, he simply snarls. Feeling upset, Juliet starts drinking the homemade gin that Emer has given her. At some point she falls asleep, and when she wakes up, she discovers that Minton has been sick, and he is not well. Nervous she calls the vet, and the nurse tells her that she should bring the dog to the clinic straight away, but when she rings off, Juliet realises that after drinking that gin she is over the limit and can’t drive. As she wonders who she can call, her phone rings. It is Lorcan, and when she explains the problem, he tells her to leave it to him. Juliet thinks that Lorcan is in Dublin as that was his plan.

I am pretty sure that he has returned to be with Juliet because he must have missed her. There is obviously some attraction between them, and Juliet notices the spark, but both of them are scared to act on their feelings. They both have baggage and that is why they are cautious. We now know that Lorcan also had his story. He and his woman were to become parents, but she had a miscarriage, and after that, neither of them would speak about it, and that wound deepened so much that they split up. This is Lorcan’s story and his past, and Juliet’s baggage isn’t lighter.

There are a few pages left, and I imagine that the ending will give us a nice picture of Juliet and Lorcan together. Now I am intrigued to find out about the moment when they finally confess how they feel for each other.


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