Walking Back to Happiness 5 (Chapters 13 – 17)



Time heals everything, and this time it seems that Juliet is gradually coming to terms with Ben’s death. I think that the people who love her are to blame for her progress. It is her mother who meddled and pushed Juliet to agree to get a quote from Lorcan about the house. Now she has finally agreed to have her bathroom done on the condition that she helps. This is what she and Ben had talked about: they would do the house together, so now she is there, helping Lorcan re-tile the bathroom. It is also her mother who forced her to look after her dog and also her friend’s dog and her former piano teacher’s cats. Word went around, and now she looks after dogs and other pets.

It is through this new activity that she meets Mark, who hires her to look after his dog. Mark seems to like Juliet and ends up asking Juliet to accompany her to an exposition. Juliet agrees and even feels thrilled. Mark is handsome and easy to talk to, and after that first date there is a mention about doing it again. I don’t know, but I am not too excited about Juliet going out with Mark. I have nothing against him in principle, but I thought Juliet would fall for Lorcan. I don’t know what will eventually happen, and there is still some hope for Lorcan. I think there is a lot we don’t know about him, and I want to know more. Why does he never talk about himself? And why doesn’t Juliet ever ask him something personal? He knows much more about her, but the only things Juliet knows about him is that he lives with the Kelly’s and used to play in a band. But there must be much more.

We learn a bit more about Juliet and Louise’s fall out. Juliet admitted to her sister that her marriage was far from perfect, and lately there had been rows between her and Ben. Juliet reproached him for acting more like a child and not taking his responsibilities seriously, and Ben accused her of being boring. The topic of their parenthood was also a dangerous subject as they didn’t agree. When Juliet explained that to Louise, she suggested she and Ben could go to counselling. Yet, when Louise admitted to having some crush on another man, Juliet got upset as she thought it was rich of her to advise her when her marriage was obviously in tatters. A few days later Ben died, and now Juliet feels awkward around Louise as she believes that her sister must consider her that greatest hypocrite on earth after all the complaints she had about Ben that day. I really hope that the two sisters talk and sort out what keep them at arm’s length.


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