Walking Back to Happiness 4 (Chapters 9 – 13)



There are a few secrets hidden in the novel. One of them that puzzles Juliet is Lorcan. She wonders what kind of relationship Lorcan and Emer, Juliet’s next-door neighbour have. We know that Emer’s husband is away as he works with rock bands, and Lorcan has been in the house for weeks. Curious, Juliet asks Emer’s twins when she is alone with them, and she tells them that Lorcan is there to look after their mum and he loves her. Juliet ponders that maybe this is the kind of arrangement that roadies tend to make. In my opinion, I don’t think there is nothing romantic between Emer and Lorcan, but I think the reason why he is staying with her must be important. Maybe he is also a widower.

Another thing involves Juliet and her sister Louise. We learn that before Ben died, there was a conversation that ended up with both sisters falling out, and now their conversations are stilted and there is some obvious frostiness between each other. We still don’t know all the details, but Juliet talked to Louise about her and Ben going through a rough patch, and then Louise explained that she was having romantic notions about a man who wasn’t her husband. We know that the man Louise meant is Michael, a father he met in her parenting circle, but it is not clear if something happened between them. We learn that she even bought some sexy underwear, thinking about wearing it for Michael, but I think that is as far as she went. Now she is off her husband, and now Peter is making a real effort to bring some romance back to their marriage, but Louise feels unable to respond as she used to. I wonder if Peter suspects what is happening to his wife. I am also curious why Juliet got so upset when Louise told her about her crush on Michael. Maybe the reason why her marriage was going through a bad patch was because she suspected that Ben might be interested in someone else?

The last thing that makes Juliet and Louise wonder is their mother. Diane is acting strangely lately. There is the new hairdo she has now after wearing the same one for years, and then she is also cagey about her whereabouts when Louise calls her once. What is Diane hiding?


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