Walking Back to Happiness 2 (Chapters 2 – 5)


There are some developments. Juliet lives next to an Irish family, the Kelly’s, and then one day her electricity goes while it is clear that there is nothing wrong in her neighbours’ house as she could hear loud music.

Upset, she goes to the next door house, and a man appears, Lorcan, who is a friend of the Kelly’s. He apologises for the noise and explains that it is Sal’s birthday and he has been given an electric guitar. Then Juliet explains about her lights going, and Lorcan thinks that her trip switch must have tripped, and when Juliet confesses she doesn’t know where that switch is, Lorcan volunteers to find it for her. They go back to the house, and Lorcan locates the switch under the stairs. Then the conversation that follows makes Juliet upset. Lorcan hints that he thinks she has separated from her partner, and he even tells her that they could have a take-away together. Juliet lashes out, telling her that she is a widow and lost the man she has loved for fifteen years eight months ago, and then she unceremoniously invites Lorcan to step out of her house.

As for Louise, there is something going on with her husband, Peter. After her first day at work, Peter is attentive, preparing a candlelit dinner, and then when he gets into a romantic mood, Louise panics. She knows she hasn’t felt attracted to Peter for a while now, and she ponders that it has been so since Ben collapsed and died. Louise mentions lies and secrets. What does she mean by that? I hope we don’t discover that Ben was not the man Juliet thinks he was. That would be terrible.


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