The Moment 4 – The Ending (Chapter 14 – end)




The ending of this book is quite puzzling. After a very detailed description of Fern’s and Elliott’s days, their thoughts, and their joined past, I couldn’t wait for their meeting. At some point I feared that they wouldn’t meet as Elliott’s train was delayed, and Fern was having second thoughts.

Then when they meet, it is a bit confusing. The author gives us three endings. The first ending is Elliott telling Fern that he is sorry for what happened twenty-five years ago and if they could go on from where they left, and Fern agreeing. The second ending is Fern saying it is too late for them. And the third ending is a completely new draft of their lives. The moment when Fern discovered him and Meryl in bed, and she ran from the apartment, followed by Elliott. We know that Elliott stopped from saying what he really wanted, that it all had been a mistake and she was the most important person in his life, and Fern silently begging him to make it right. In this alternative ending Elliott says the right words, hugs her, and she manages to forgive him. So now twenty-five years later Elliott is on his way to Wales to see to his dad’s house while Fern stays back in their home with their grandchild Harvey, their daughter’s son consequence of one-night stand. So this is how things would have turned out if twenty-five years ago they would have been honest with each other and made other decisions.

I liked the writing style, but I find the climax of the book wanting. I was looking forward to their meeting, and then the moment was quite flat for my taste.


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