New Book – Walking Back to Happiness by Lucy Dillon (Chapters 1-2)


Publishing year: 2010

I love Lucy Dillon’s books, so I know that I am going to enjoy this one.

We are introduced to Juliet, who is thirty-one, and lost her husband Ben some months ago. We don’t know how Ben died, but I think he had some kind of accident since we get to understand that his death was unexpected. Juliet lives in a semi-detached house, and she and Ben planned to have some of the rooms remodelled. It was their project, and then death intervened, and now Juliet lives in a house with stripped walls, a bare kitchen and without a shower. One of the things that Ben left her was their dog Minton, but he is little comfort. Julie hasn’t returned to work since her husband’s death – she is a cook – as she has no energy left.

Her mother Diane worries about her. Juliet is very different from her sister Louise, who is a very determined woman. Louise is a barrister and has a toddler, Toby. Now that Louise has decided to return to work she is leaving Toby with her mother, and as a consequences, Julie will look after Coco, her mother’s Labrador, since Louise is afraid what the dog might do to her child. In reality, I think that this is just an excuse to get Juliet come out of her shell.

Interesting start!!! These three women are so different despite being related, so it is interesting to see the dynamics between them. I feel sorry for Juliet because it is only her who can feel Ben’s absence. We know that they were childhood sweethearts, so they were together for most of their life. It is, therefore, so difficult for her, and the problem is that she feels her mother and sister don’t understand her, and in a way they don’t as it is only Juliet who can know how she feels.


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