Every Seventh Wave 2 (Chapters 1 – 7)



Emmi and Leo get back into contact. He is back from Boston after ten months there, and he tells her that there is a new woman in his life, Pamela, who plans to move in with him. Emmi reacts with jealousy as we know she would do. And then they finally meet!!!

Leo thinks that from the three women that could be Emmi the first one is her, the confident, attractive one. Yet, he is mistaken as she is the third one, who his sister described as shy, antisocial, and pretty. The meeting seems to have been a bit awkward, and as they exchange emails after their encounter, they admit that there was some disenchantment, but I think it is Emmi, who is let down after Leo’s lukewarm email the next day. So when one night Leo is drunk and pours all his feelings about that day Emmi feels on top of the world, and she asks him to meet once again.

The second meeting goes much better, and I think their intimacy is even deeper now. It is after this meeting that Leo asks her a series of questions about her life, and he even hints about the cause of their break up when he went to Boston, mentioning Bernhard. Emmi then tells him about her family. Fiona is eighteen and dating someone called Gregor, but she suspects that she is up to more than that, and Jonas is  fourteen and she feels that he keeps wanting to bring his father and her together. The thing is that Emmi and Bernhard are drifting apart, and there is coldness between them. I wonder if the reason why they are struggling is because of Leo or because of Berhard’s interference. Maybe both of them are disappointed on each other: Emmi has replaced Bernhard in her heart, and Bernhard knows that Emmi is not a hundred percent his.

Emmi is curious about what Leo means about forgiving Bernhard when she and Leo stopped their correspondence. I wonder if Leo will tell her what role her husband played in their relationship, and if he does, how will Emmi react? Will she forgive Bernhard for his interference and lies? Will she forgive Leo for keeping this from her?


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