Love Virtually 3 (Pages 111 – 165)



The relationship between Emmi and Leo shifts somehow, when Emmi decides to find Leo a suitable woman. So she thinks that her best friend, Mia, is the right candidate. I think that she thinks that Leo won’t agree to meet her and stick to her. Yet, Leo calls Mia and they start meeting regularly. This makes Emmi very jealous and curious, and she keeps asking Leo if they have slept together and if they are in love, but Leo won’t talk, and from what Emmi says in her emails, Mia isn’t telling her anything either. Leo admits that he and Mia have been talking about Emmi and her marriage, and Mia has told him that Emmi and her family life are ideal models, and nobody could be happier. What Mia doesn’t understand, like I don’t understand, is why Emmi needs this peculiar exchange with Leo, and why she needs to flirt with him. I have the hunch that despite what Mia says and what Emmi says, I think that she is not really happy, and maybe this ideal marriage she talks about is nothing but a facade but behind closed doors there are many shortcomings. If that is true, then Emmi is lying to herself and Leo. I wonder what is really happening in her life.


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