Love Virtually 2 (Pages 28 – 111)


The virtual relationship between Leon and Emmi becomes closer and closer.

They are now flirting blatantly. We know that Emmi is married and her husband already had two children when they met, and she claims that they are blissfully happy. I have the impression that they are quite well off, so I imagine that her husband, whose name is Bernhard, has a high-flying career. What I am not sure I can believe is Emmi’s claim that they have a happy marriage. If she is so happy with Bernhard, why does she need Leo’s virtual friendship? And she comes close to admitting that she would have an affair with him.

We don’t know much more about Leo apart from his failed relationship with Marlene. Recently his mother died, and that is a period in which he failed to send Emmi emails. It is during the funeral that he saw Marlene again, and he almost slept with her, information that makes Emmi jealous. Other than that we also know that he has a very beautiful sister who he tells everything to.

The first time Emmi and Leo decide they want to see what they look like, they do it in a peculiar way. They arrange to be at a coffee bar at an appointed time, and both of them claim that they will be able to recognise the other. Yet, after that day Emmi is disappointed because none of the lone men who were in the coffee that day are her type, and she can’t come to terms with the idea that any of those men were the voice that talks to her through emails. Leo assures her that he was there, but then he tells her his secret. He wasn’t there alone, but his sister was with him,  and Emmi had only mentioned him as the only attractive male in the coffee house, but since she dismissed him as a candidate, so she didn’t take a good look at him. As for Leo, it was his sister who described the three women who could be Emmi, three different women, all of them attractive in their own way, and Emmi admits that she is one of those women, but she doesn’t tell him which.

As the emails come and go, the conversations become bolder, and both Emmi and Leo dare to tell each other that they want each other. They even talk about meeting for real, but so far they haven’t done so. Both of them have expressed their fears at some point that if they were to meet, they would be either disappointed or happy after the encounter, but one way or another the fantasy that their anonymous correspondent means for each other. I think this is a dangerous game they are playing. I am quite curious about Emmi and her marriage. Is it true that she is so happy with her husband? The way she talks to Leo and shows her interest makes me think that her marriage is not as successful as she claims it is.


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