All I Ever Wanted 4 (Chapters 12 – 23)



I feel so sorry for Nancy. She is so cute, but there is something that makes her stop speaking. Maybe it was her wish in London when she wished it would be just her, Joel and her mum. I think that the break up happened shortly afterwards, and I think she feels responsible. Why she doesn’t talk, I’m not sure. The only one who she speaks to is the dog, but in whispers.

Now Caitlin, Joel, and Nancy have moved to live with Eva temporarily. Caitlin went out with Lee, and while her friend Scarlett looked after the children, something happened. Joel was drawing a bath and let the taps running, so water overflow and as a result the kitchen ceiling fell, so the house was left inhabitable. Patrick came and sorted out the builders. During the days the house was being fixed, the children and Caitlin went to live with Eva, and even though Caitlin was more than reluctant at first, she is happy to be with Eva, in which she has found a friend and ally.

During those days they travel to London, Eva to talk to her publishers and Caitlin and the children to visit Caitlin’s mother. Lynn, her mother, can be quite pushy, and as they talk alone while the children play, the woman raises her concerns about the divorce, and to Caitlin’s shock she tells her that she and her father have hired a solicitor to defend her rights and even paid the first fees. I think this is going to create more problems for Caitlin. She and Patrick had decided not to involve lawyers as they wanted an amicable separation, but when Patrick learns about this solicitor, he is going to think that this is a new betrayal from Caitlin’s part. I think that Patrick cares for Caitlin more than she believes, and I think he really longs for a reconciliation. What he is not telling is that he might have seen Caitlin talking and flirting with Lee when she was supposed to be in Zumba classes.

I think Caitlin is a fool for getting into some kind of relationship with Lee when she isn’t even divorced. Lee is obviously much younger and I don’t think this is the kind of person she needs in her life. In the last chapter she returns to Bristol to check the works in her house, and when one of the builders tells her to wait for his boss to check a list that Patrick sent, she decides to leave as she has a date to lunch with Lee. The problem is that Patrick has tried to contact her and when she hasn’t replied, he decides to go and find her, so he is going to see something that definitely will complicate matters for them. Caitlin is an idiot, and I think Patrick is as bad as she is. Deep down they love each other, but their problem is that they won’t speak to each other. Caitlin thinks that the problem of their marriage is that Patrick realised that she wasn’t the person he put on a pedestal when they met, and she knows that she will never live up to his expectations, so that is why she has given up on their marriage. Yet, she doesn’t make the effort to talk to him. Silly people. What they should focus on is their children, and Caitlin is okay when she is around the children, but when she is distracted by dreams of flirtation and hot men, she forgets everything.


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