All I Ever Wanted 3 (Chapters 10 – 12)



When the novel started, I liked Caitlin and her obvious love for her children. Yet, now she has disappointed me with her attitude. The weekend she is supposed to leave the children with Patrick, she has made plans to see Lee. It is clear she couldn’t wait to leave the children, getting to Eva’s an hour earlier and not even waiting for Patrick. I can’t understand how she can be so care-free when little Nancy is clearly going through a rough time, refusing to talk. How can she forget about her? So she goes to the festival and after Lee finishes his gig, they hook up and she even accepts to go with him and his friends to another pub, which means she doesn’t call her children before bedtime as she had promised. And she never thinks about them once. I think I was wrong about Patrick and her. I thought he was the bad guy or that was my first impression, but now I think Caitlin is not as good as I thought. I understand that she was very young when she had Joel, and in a way she didn’t have a normal youth, but now she is thirty-one, and she has children. I don’t mean she can’t enjoy herself if her husband doesn’t want her any more, but what incenses me is that she doesn’t seem any sadness for being away from her children, and she does know there is something wrong with Nancy and hasn’t done anything.

As for Eva, she has started reading Mick’s diaries, and some of his sentences have struck a chord. In the sentences Mick seems to regret his decision not to have a child with Eva. We know that it was him that early in the relationship told her that children were off the table as he was too old for children, and Eva told him that she only wanted him. Now as Eva reads this part, she feels cheated as he took her chance to have a child, and surprisingly, she realises that she would have wanted to have children, but now it’s too late. When Nancy and Joel come, Eva feels befuddled as she doesn’t really know how to treat children, but I think that Nancy and Joel will do her good and bring her something she doesn’t even know she needs. At the same time Eva will be good for the children, whose parents are not acting as the best parents in the world right now.


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