All I Ever Wanted 2 (Chapters 2 – 10)



I feel so sorry for the two children, especially for Nancy. Patrick and Caitlin have decided that they won’t tell the children about the divorce yet, which is understandable. Yet, it is clear that something is going on and the children are feeling it. Caitlin can tell that Joel and Nancy are affected by what is happening but their parents won’t tell them about. Joel is more solicitous with Nancy than ever, and he is even louder and more lively. Instead, Nancy has become sullen, and when Caitlin is called to go and see Nancy’s teacher, she is told that Nancy won’t talk at all. At home Nancy is not totally silent, but there is no trace of the talkative girl she usually is. And then instead of calling Patrick to talk about what is troubling their daughter, she keeps the truth for herself.

We know that it is Patrick that asked for a divorce, and Caitlin knows that he isn’t telling her something. And now we know that Caitlin is half smitten by a young man, Lee, she met in the park as he jogged, and then they started talking and flirting. Yet, he stopped the conversations when he realised she was married. Now Caitlin considers she can start seeing him if she wants to. In one of Joel’s school functions she sees him as he prepares the instrument to play – he has a band – so Caitlin decides to take the first step and say hi. So she leaves Joel and Nancy in the queue for Nancy to have her face painted and goes to find Lee, and they start talking and flirting. She even says that she might go and see him in a jig he is doing on Saturday when the children are with their dad. And then Joel comes, saying that he doesn’t know where Nancy is. Caitlin is frantic and they look for her in the park where the function is, and when in the middle of this turmoil Patrick calls, Caitlin refuses his call. Fortunately, Nancy is found. I think the poor girl is very sad because she somehow knows that her dad is not coming home, and when she saw her mother shamelessly flirting with Lee, she didn’t like it even if she might not have understood what was happening. Right now I don’t like Caitlin very much. I think that one of the reasons Patrick walked out must have been something to do with Caitlin’s infatuation with Lee. Somehow Patrick must have known or seen her.

As for Eva, she is still unsure about the visits from her brother and his children. She is also fighting her own problems. Roger, her late husband’s friend and lawyer, tells her that Mick wrote some diaries, and he hoped to be published. Eva is against reading and publishing them, but Roger persuades her to think about it. Then she receives the visit of Alex, the publisher, a man Eva had a curious incident with when he confused her with someone else. Eva admits that she felt a spark of attraction for the first time since Mick died, and now this man, Alex, who is a professor and admirer of Mick, is in her life. I think that Mick’s diaries might bring about more than some fresh money but a new reason to live, which is what he told her to do when he died.

I am enjoying the book, but I feel so sorry for Nancy. I have to say that I don’t like the way Patrick and Caitlin are handling their split up. They hardly talk to each other and it is no wonder they are having these problems. One of the reasons Caitlin thinks their marriage failed was because Patrick thought she was perfect, and when she realised she was not, there was no hope any longer. I wonder if these two ever spoke. We even know that Caitlin lied to her husband about going to zumba classes and instead spent that hour sitting on a park bench, which is how she met Lee. What kind of marriage is this? Caitlin could claim that her children are her priority, but I don’t think she – or Patrick – are doing the right thing.


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