The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris 9 (Chapters 15 – 19)



Dietrich is back indeed! It is when Coralie runs for help for Violaine that the German soldiers direct her to Dietrich. She is first glad that he might help her, but then two soldiers tell her that she is arrested. They take her to the Lutetia Hotel and lock her up in a room. Later Dietrich questions her, and she realises that Dietrich is not the same man. He eventually lets her go, and when she gets home, she is rattled and scared. They send Arkady to check on Violaine and he finds out that she has been sent to a hospital.

When Violaine recovers, she tells them that she was attacked by Lorienne Royer, the previous owner, who everybody believed had gone away. Violaine tells them that Lorienne actually went to work for horrible Henriette Junot, and the day she was injured, there were three women waiting for her. They attacked her and ransacked the shop, taking Coralie’s creations. Coralie decides that it is not worth confronting Henriette, and her plans is to re-open her shop after the summer with the help of Violaine and her neighbour.

Coralie sees Dietrich again in the Rose Noire, the club. Una and Coraline are there as they want to find information how to get Tilly out of Paris. At some point Dietrich asks her to dance, and they do, and when they stop to walk, Coralie learns that Dietrich didn’t leave her in Paris high and dry. He actually paid for two more months for her to stay in the hotel and even left 2,000 francs. They both discover that his servant must have pocketed the money, and the receptionist who seemed to be friends with Dietrich’s man must also have kept the money for the room. Coralie also learns that the letter she took cost Dietrich’s son’s life, and Dietrich threatens to take her daughter’s life in exchange of his son’s life. That obviously scares Coralie, and the last part of their conversation is about Ottilia, and when Coralie claims she doesn’t know, Dietrich tells him that those hiding someone like Ottilia will find no mercy. I don’t know what to think of Dietrich. The fact that he left the money and paid for the room shows that even though Coralie hurt him terribly by hiding the letter, he still cared for her welfare. Then we know that he has power and could hurt her if he wanted, but he hasn’t done anything yet. And in previous chapters he showed that he was against the Nazi regime and defended Ottilia and her brother Max, so I am not sure what to believe about his position in the Nazi army.

After that night Coralie realises that they have to get Tilly out of Paris, and even though it is a big risk, which would mean terrible consequences for Noelle if she were apprehended, Coralie decides to help. So she goes to find Monsieur Bonnet, who is a forger, who is going to get her a fake passport and other documents for Ottilia. I am intrigued by Ottilia because the woman seems to have some mental problems. She is definitely unfocused, so I am afraid for her and those who want to help her if Tilly ends up doing something that will put all of them at risk.


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