The Girl Who Dreamed of Paris 8 (Chapter 15)



After the German invasion, Coralie walks the streets to find everything empty. After a moderate success in her new shop, she also had to close, and the problem is that the hat shop is nearer the war zone. As a result of the invasion, she finds her apartment full as Una and Ottilia have moved in with her, and one of the Hungarian men Arkady is still there, and it seems that there is some attraction between him and Una.

When a few days later Coralie manages to get to the shop, she is shocked to find her assistant Violaine unconscious. She apparently had an accident, so the last thing I have read is that Coralie runs for help.

I am a bit nervous about what the German occupation will bring to Coralie, and if Dietrich is there, he might not be very friendly to her as he blames her for not being with his son in his last days. It is true that it was Coralie’s fault, but she didn’t do it in ill will, and thinking that Dietrich might punish her if he happens to find her makes me quite nervous for her sake.


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